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Stakeholder Engagement

Put simply, if your stakeholders don’t know about you, or they don’t know your perspective on key issues, why would they care? Public Affairs, lobbying, stakeholder campaigns - call it what you will, but it has had something of a bad press in recent years because of the secrecy which much of the industry operates and the unscrupulous nature of some of the early practitioners.


But at its heart, regulators, councillors, MPs, and ministers need to understand and hear from businesses, trade bodies and non-profits so their policy decisions are not taken in isolation.


I have worked on both sides: as a political adviser to a shadow cabinet member, as a local councillor and for a public affairs agency. I’m not interested in being the most important person in the room. My job is to support you to tell your story to the people that make decisions, by crafting effective messages, building alliances and running engaging campaigns.


To discuss your needs:

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