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I am a freelance communications consultant based in London. I can provide help with
developing your marketing strategy, getting you better media coverage or something as straightforward as setting up a twitter account. I have nearly two decades of experience of creating marketing and communications strategies on behalf of clients based in the UK and abroad. I have a network of colleagues who can help with everything from designing a broadcast quality campaign video to Facebook advertising targeted at your potential customers. I have worked for charities, businesses and in the public sector. I was a senior political adviser to a shadow Cabinet member, have worked for a global communications agency, and was a deputy communications director for an education non-profit. I have been an elected councillor for 8 years and have experience of the planning and licensing systems. As a sole freelancer I can provide flexible and affordable support to deliver your campaign while working with other freelancers to fill gaps in my skill set.


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When you're running a business, managing a school or starting up a new project I understand operational must-dos can mean the time for communications campaigns is limited. I understand what motivates decision makers having worked for two decades in local government and in Westminster. I can support you to deliver content that will engage your customers, building awareness and recognition.

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Whether you're a sole trader or a FTSE comms director, you need to be able to justify your outlay with a robust understanding of the data. You need insight into what your customers are saying, how they engage with your business and if your content is reaching the right audience. I've developed bespoke report cards to demonstrate - honestly - how effective your marketing and communications are.


My background is in politics, and I've worked on campaigns for two decades both in house and for an agency, advising FTSE businesses, non-profits and public sector clients with a focus on education and health. Engaging a consultant allows you flexibility and speed, while employing a sole trader avoids the large retainer that comes from working with an agency.

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I have worked with Alex for over eight years and seen first hand how effective he is at campaigning and communicating on both the big strategic issues of the day and on local issues. Most recently, Alex played a pivotal role in bringing together the local community to save the Stockwell centre, a popular amenity at risk of closure. He employed an effective social media campaign, drew in support from local celebrities, and commanded the attention of the housing association by making the issue and campaigners impossible to ignore. 

Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council

I worked with Alex for three years at a global public affairs and communications firm, based in London, on a number of international, multi-disciplinary projects. Alex is quickly able to grasp complex issues, identify the key stakeholders, and, with his thorough understanding of UK local and national politics, appreciate the broader context for your issue.  All this means he is adept at designing and implementing effective campaigns to reach decision makers, as well as other important  influencers.  And, in doing so, Alex remains professional, creative and client-focused.  

Jaselle Williams, former Director, APCO Worldwide

Billy Cometti, Head of Communications, Ark Schools

Alex is an effective and experienced hand when it comes to media and PR. He regularly obtained top-tier media coverage for us, thoroughly briefing everyone involved to ensure our key messages came through loud and clear.

Crisis communications is also a strength for Alex - he understands the importance of thorough preparation and due diligence when it comes to avoiding or addressing negative coverage. 

I have worked with Alex on projects in both the UK and in the post-Soviet space and have always found him not just to be professional and highly competent, but also a great colleague. Working with him is always a pleasure and, above all, something where I can be certain of a reliable and highly effectively colleague being on or even leading the team. Alex can take command on multi-layered projects as well as get the basic leg work done and has repeatedly shown his ability to master the complexities of political and organisational cultures.

Adrian McMenamin, Head of Press, Open Britain

High energy, great networks, can be relied on to deliver.


I recommend Alex as an extension to your team's capabilities in communications and engagement - able to hit the ground running, grasp a challenge and come up with solutions quickly and cheerfully.

Claire Maugham, Project Manager, The Fawcett Society

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